Initially, numerous massing studies were investigated to take advantage of the site. At such a grand scale, Stone Towers represents an exciting opportunity for Zaha Hadid Architects to explore issues of repetition which maximize efficiency yet highlight difference in such a context.

Inspired by Nature

Stone Towers' buildings are organized on site as a series of mass MD void. Overall there are 18 buildings in total which are then further broken down to a total of 36 masses with atrium voids in between to create physical & visual permeability

  • Simulating natural stone topography & petrified trees.
  • Exploring issues of repetition with maximum efficiency. The buildings are organized on site as a series of mass & void.
  • Overall total of36 maxes with court-voids in between.
  • Physical & visual permeability. A rhythm of like, interlocking, yet individually differentiate unique fonts.

Inspired by Heritage

On the land of the Nile grew numerous landmarks that placed art & architecture at the center of any new development. Stone Towers design interprets heritage & preserves such long standing legacy with an eye on a prosperous FUTURE.
The architectural treatment is careful to avoid an uncompromising, repetitive line of static building masses. The architectures pursue a rhythm of like, interlocking, yet individually differentiated building forms. Verbatim repetition is given over to self similar, yet unique forms. This is complemented in the plan & section where the building edges visually interlock & merge with the landscape, creating a cohesive composition.