Master Plan

Site access

There are two entry points to the site & a third entry for the hotel only. There are 22 security checkpoints with an average security check-in time of 20 seconds per vehicle in order to reduce the overall queuing time upon entering the development.


Drop-offs are located at ground level & service each individual building, the hotel & exterior landscape areas. The loading areas & parking access are served by a sub-loop road which encircles the site, 2 levels below the drop-off level.

From the sub-loop level, parking areas in the basement are accessed beneath the landscaping between buildings; the traffic layout at drop-off level is a continuous loop around the site. The Hotel drop-off level is located on the general drop-off level in order to connect to the adjacent road.
The Hotel drop off level is located on elevenths the general drop-off level in order to connect to the adjacent road.

Sub-Loop Level

The Sub-Loop level provides a continuous circulation loop which runs directly below the drop-off loop. It will link ramps to parking levels below & provide service access for loading areas, waste management & shuttle bus parking. There is one loading area provided at each office-building at this level. This loop will also contain all waste-management areas which will be shared by two adjacent office towers. Service traffic occurs at the lower sub-loop level. For fire & emergency vehicles, access is also provided from this level via ramps to the Delta. There are 75 shuttle bus parking bays.

Pedestrian circulation

The Circulation through the Delta retail & landscape is a meandering path which connects across the entire site. Embedded in the Delta are retail & commercial areas which connect the offices & parking both horizontally & vertically. The live vertical circulation cores will provide a cohesive circulation strategy which leads visitors from parking, through the retail & landscape & the office buildings.