Project Design

  1. Efficiency & Flexibility

    Efficiency & Flexibility


    Stone Towers will have a Gross Area of approximately 460,000sqm dedicated to state of the art business facilities that are distributed on 18 buildings, 9 in the north & 9 on the Southern border of the site.

  2. Flexibility of Design


    Flexibility of Design

    Half of each building is divided vertically into two separate tenants. A dual core solution has been developed for the office buildings, one per wing. Each core has four lifts per wing that permit the building to be divided effectively into two halves. This arrangement allows each wing to be used independently by different tenants. It also provides a high degree of flexibility for tenant divisions on each floor with upto 4 different tenants on the North Building floors & 6 different tenants on the South Building floors.

    Each floor is supplied with raised flooring at 15 cm for in-office networking. Central HVAC is supplied & tapped in each floor & each wing, along with water & sanitation, electricity & fiber optic communication conduits. Central waste collection service trucks access, VIP parking space, general & coach parking are all available. All HVAC, electricity & fiber-optic communication conduits, central waste collection risers are supplied in the core for all floors & ready to be connected inside the office space. General parking is provided within the basement levels. The Business Park tenants circulate from parking levels through the day-lit void penetrations & are encouraged to enjoy the landscape & retail areas.

  3. Free span office space


    Maximum Flexibility: Free-span office space

    The same architectural expression is reflected in the plans of the North & South Edge Office Buildings, each of which follows similar sets of rules, yet remaining totally unique. Each floor offers a different space enclosure & is free of structural-element obstructions, with the circulation & service cores strategically placed, allowing for flexible interior divisions. Not only does this flexibility apply to each floor, but also to each one of the buildings along the North & South edges: the two "slivers/ blades" with the in-between atrium can easily operate as one tower, comprising two related cores; they can also be as easily separated to operate as two towers with two different cores. These offices present a flexible marketing tool, rarely found in other business parks.

    All floors are designed with column free span ranges from 12 to 15 meters wide & from 45 to 120 meters long with raised flooring ready for data & cabling networking for all offices. The floor height is 3.5 to 4 meters with a clear interior ceiling height of 2.9 meters.

  4. A Five Star Business Hotel

    A Five Star Business Hotel


    The Hotel is the tallest of the 18 buildings. The positioning of this building responds to the South Edge continuity. Within the Delta the hotel is also the most dynamic structure on the site with 11 guest room levels & 7 hotel functions & back of house levels. It slides over the top of & intersects with the office component, bridging a gateway for the south edge Stone Towers development.
    The five-star hotel incorporates a multi-height lobby, a four storey-high all day dining, rooftop pool, dining & executive lounge, feature restaurants, spa & gym facilities, pre-function & ballrooms, retail & integrated landscaping.

  5. Retail strategy

    Retail : the lively heart


    The 20,000 sqm retail & landscaping area is designed as an integral architectural feature, flowing across the site & connecting either edge of the development into the main central space of the "Delta". The Delta area consists of a variety of individual zones which operate as a whole, but maintain their individual identity. It is made up of the following: 3 primary landscape zones within the delta, landscape areas between offices, 5 retail zones with 20000 m² of shops & food & beverage outlets, 5 vertical circulation zones to access from parking, 4 voids to parking levels to connect & allow natural daylight to parking areas.

  6. Stone Towers Parking

    Stone towers Parking


    The parking at Stone Towers will accommodate approximately 7,000 cars and will cover an area of approximately 500,000 m². The basement car park will be threshold to the site, as most visitors will arrive from the car park and into the Delta.

    The car park has been designed to a high specification which reflects the business park above in both layout and quality.